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Waves can still build to great heights inside the Bay, howevver being surrounded by land on three sides does help to make the area more fishable, especially if you are fishing from a small boat. Large bluefin tuna swim iinside the Bay throughout the course of the entire fishing season. Surprisingly, giants have even been spotted well after most anglers have stored their boats for the winter. Rumors of tuna sightings around Christmas are not far fetched. Needless to say the tuna have free reign over the Bay, however there are a few areas which seem to yield a greater number of tuna sightings and hookups than others. The Fishing Ledge, which sits almost smack dab in the middle of Cape Cod Bay, is a good area to check out for tuna, especially while one is in transit to more reputable locations such as Peaked Hill Bar or Stellwagen Bank.

A wicked bad idear: National Geographic hunts bluefin tuna for entertainment

Fishing Deep Water for Billfish and Tuna Eight pros reveal 10 ways to increase sailfish, marlin and tuna bites by thinking in 3-D. Vincent Daniello posted Mar 28th, at Gray Get our best tips, trends and analysis in your inbox! By submitting above, you agree to Sport Fishing’s privacy policy. With daytime swordfishing on the rise, anglers trolling multiple lines — some in midwater depths — are also regularly bringing marlin and tuna up from surprisingly deep water.

Giant Yellowfin Tuna – Using heavy tackle to fight giant yellowfin tuna from a long-range boat.

HOME Most of you probably know and use the following tuna techniques. Our goal is to assist new bluefin anglers in their pursuit of this great gamefish. If one of our tips or tackle suggestions helps lead to a successful fishing trip we will be gratified. Since most recreational fishermen troll that will be the thrust of our effort. Never leave the dock without the proper safety gear or permits for the NOAA category you are tuna fishing in.

Number 1 your own well being.

Gamakatsu Giant Tuna Hooks

Bluefin tuna charters with Captain Mark are typically best in September and October when these large ocean torpedoes make their way closer to shore in to Ipswich Bay. Our bluefin tuna charters usually employs trolling tactics with light tackle 50 lb. Bluefin tuna regulations constantly change but typically there is a one fish per day possession bag limit with a minimum size limit of 27 inches.

The current Massachusetts bluefin tuna State record is pounds!

Puerto Vallarta fishing reports with PV Sportfishing. yellowfin tuna, Marlin, Mahi mahi, dorado, red snapper, mackeral, striped Marlin and more a giant tuna to finish off the day. enjoy the video. Puerto Vallarta fishing first double hook up of the day both tuna.

Hello world here is a another fresh Puerto Vallarta fishing report We went out on the luhrs yesterday with captain Steve and crew Freddy and Mario. We heard on the radio there was alot of dorado action off the point of punta de mita also so all the boats had a great day staying inside or going all the way out! The seasoned sirena captain, steve torres, was minutes off punta mita to the islands. The minutes off punta mita to the islands.

The best days brought in striped marlin, big mahi and yellow fin tuna in the pound range. A pound, short- fin, mako made for an exciting catch on a spinning rod at el banco one late afternoon. Day time temperatures in the low to mid 80s f have brought warm, calm seas with light afternoon breezes. Bait has been on the surface bringing the big game to the surface.

With water temperatures getting closer to 80 f the black and blue marlin are moving back in the area along with larger size yellow fin tuna. For off-shore fishing trips plan a minimum of hours with a 6 am departure to get west of el banco for the best opportunity to catch your prize. Plan hours for an inshore fishing trip leaving the dock by 7am to get to smaller tuna’s rooster fish, spanish mackerel, jacks and red snappers reeled in just off punta mita and its coves.

Humpback whales are leaving on their northward migration highway but there are still plenty of dolphins, sea turtles and mantas answering natures call in the bay. A day of fishing is the prescription for a bad economy;a day to just ;forget about it! Remember the summer months are prime big game fishing time for giant tuna and bill fish so get down here and catch your puerto vallarta game fish.

Gamakatsu Giant Tuna Hooks

Despite 30knot wind gusts and very rough seas he managed this feat in an astounding 45 minutes. It was too rough for stand-up tackle, so Steve opted for the fighting chair and put on a clinic on how to fight giants that every angler should watch. Here are the important points scroll down for video: The rod was long enough to make it over the gunwales when placed in the chair gimbal.

These is very tough hook and is the choice of most PEI captains. Careful Fighting Chair Management Someone needs to steer the chair at all times.

Nov 18,  · Re: “spearing giant tuna with a float is very easy” unless i’m wrong this is the only country that allows spearing on scuba or spearing at night, the main reason is, in places like the mediterranean where fish are scarce to begin with, grouper would not stand a chance if they were hunted on scuba or at night.

How To How to Fight Big Fish With Stand-Up Tackle Back in the day, game fishing pioneers challenged themselves with big fish using rods as long as poles, cumbersome linen lines and even chairs! Here are some useful tips on how to fight big fish using stand-up tackle. Stretch Some Muscles Just like any other strenuous activity, you have to prepare your body for action. Using stand-up tackle will push your limits so you will need to be physically ready for it.

Exercise the following muscle groups: Go and find the right belt and pad for you or make necessary adjustments so you can be comfortable using it. As for the reels and baits, you can choose reels on boat rods that are designed for outriggers and flatlines, and most would recommend slow-trolling live baits for big fish this one especially for yellowfin tuna. Here are some things you need to take note of. It is also recommended to have roller guides and the butt should be made of aluminium or slick-finished, so that it will be easier to slide out of the rod holders.

For maximum comfort, use a wide gimbal leg for your upper legs. Also remember to hook up everything — from the rod to the reel, harness and belt. Do this while shopping so you can be sure that everything fits before purchasing. Big fish tend to run very deep. When you get hooked on a big fish, the first thing you have to do is clip the reel into the belt and wait for the run to stop — you will be needing all the energy you can.

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Can I keep the tuna? In the event that we do take a fish in, it is under a government regulated commercial tag registered to the Captain and is also part of our livelihood and income. The tuna are typically sold at auction or on consignment to brokers. Sorry folks, but we understand why you would ask and get this question a lot.

They managed to hook six Bluefin Tuna, estimated at between lb to lb. One of the anglers, David McCormick filmed and produced this stunning video clip, showing them .

This is typically going to be the highest rated rod in any series. There are no compromises here. Lighter rods simply will not have enough power to get the fish to a position where the wireman get grab the leader. Two-speed reels provide an added advantage. We recommend an 80lb class reel. Anything smaller will simply not have enough line capacity. The lb class reels are simply too heavy for stand-up.

Lever drag reels are a must for circle hook fishing also recommended — see below. The lever drag allows the angler to slowly increase the drag pressure to ensure the proper hook set. Giant Tuna Line Tuna can be notoriously line-shy and for this reason all chunking is done with a ft lb mono top-shot backed with hollow braid of equal or higher rating typically lb.

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By Sam Hudson posted Apr 9th, at From their modern origins in the longline tuna and Pacific Northwest halibut fisheries to their explosion across all fisheries in the past decade, circle hooks have flooded the market like a new-moon tide on a Savannah salt marsh. Today, adept professionals like Capt. Circles range in size, gauge and style, with enough variance to intimidate even the most experienced angler. Consider these important aspects of circle hooks before rigging your next bait.

The past several days have been reminiscent of the early s, when the waters off Chatham looked like a small city with hundreds of boats pulling in the lucrative and exciting giant tuna.

I always pictured myself in a bonefish kiddie pool somewhere casting to tailing fish that also have great power, but on a much smaller scale. My perceptions are proving to be far from reality on many levels. Regardless, this article is not just about me, but rather the experience of creating a story through film that would portray the beauty, strength, and pure awesomeness of not only these fish but the efforts needed to pursue such creatures.

My primary mission is to capture footage and document their experience. After leaving the wake free zone, Mark throttles down his horse outboard in the direction of where his instincts are telling him we might find fish. For a guy who spends little time on the ocean, I soon begin to turn green.

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