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Personal life[ edit ] Lynsey Sharp was born in Dumfries , United Kingdom and lived her early life in nearby Lochmaben. Her father won a European silver medal in the m and competed at the Olympic Games , while her mother has an m best of 2: She graduated with a 2: She has said she was inspired to study law after her father fought a medical negligence case following permanent injuries he sustained in a road crash. In , she improved her m personal best by almost four seconds. In June, she took her best down from 2: This would be upgraded to silver, after the disqualification of Elena Arzhakova. Olympic qualifying rules stated that a country could send three athletes in an event, provided they had achieved the A standard, or one athlete who had the B standard. Sharp only had the B standard, while four other British women had the A standard, an injured Jenny Meadows and three athletes who Sharp had defeated at the Olympic trials.

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The time to beat, of 1: No woman this century—and only one other in history—has run under 1: And if Ms Semenya does take the record, it will be one of the biggest stories of the tournament. As an year-old, Ms Semenya won gold at her first world championships in , destroying the rest of the field by more than two seconds. The results of the test have, quite rightly, never been made public, but the IAAF banned her from competing until mid , during which time it is thought she began taking testosterone-suppressing drugs.

The resulting media circus was invasive. The Olympics adopted it in She won a silver medal at the London games in , but her time, 1: The CAS verdict was quietly devastating:


Media playback is not supported on this device European Championships Adam Peaty wins gold in 50m breaststroke European Championships Venues: Glasgow and Berlin Dates: Britain’s Adam Peaty set a new championship record to retain the 50m breaststroke title and win his third gold medal at the European Championships in Glasgow. The year-old clocked

Lynsey Sharp of Britain reacts after competing in the women’s metres semifinals during the European Athletics Championships at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich August 14,

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Well that was up until a few weeks ago. I should say that the main stars of our little business are Lynsey and Laura with occasional appearances by myself and a few others. Lynsey is 35 with long chestnut hair that is styled the way those gorgeous hippie chicks used to have it.

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Lynsey Sharp excelled in a race won by Caster Semanya in a world-leading with her 5th place of That is the second fastest time she has ever run, just seconds short of her Scottish record.

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As part of the Alfa Romeo Hometown Heroes series, Edinburgh based runner and Olympic competitor Lynsey Sharp returned to her old school to inspire the next generation of athletes.

His parents had decided to become farmers when he was very little, but his unwillingness to do so led to the family to fracture, and eventually his mother died. To that end, he was raised almost entirely by Minori’s family. Kosaku idolizes Yuka Kusakabe, whom he sees as a symbol for a life in the city that he desperately craves. He enrolls in an agriculture school just so he can send his grown vegetables anonymously to her, and is devastated upon hearing of her retirement.

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Lynsey, 39, from Tranent, was part of a team of 16 people from Miller Homes who travelled to Salima in the east of the African country to take part in the Habitat Homes housebuilding project with international charity Habitat for Humanity.

Silver medallist Francine Niyonsaba and Margaret Wambui, who got a bronze, have also faced questions about their testosterone levels. LynseySharp your elevated levels of privilege are showing. If only there was an injection to suppress that,’ wrote a tweeter with the handle FasterSemenya. Some fans highlighted the fact that Sharp had studied Semenya for an academic paper while studying law, which suggested the British woman had an unhealthy obsession with her rival, GoCaster fans observed.

Sharp, wrote a dissertation on hyperandrogenism while studying law at Napier University, and later tweeted: When asked on live TV, I felt I gave an honest and diplomatic response. She has not spoken publicly for months and was given a personal security team for the duration of the tournament, over fears that hostility towards her Olympic bid might spill over into violence. Semenya, who recently married her long term partner and fellow athlete Violet Raseboya, has repeatedly referred to her detractors as ‘haters’ during her online traffic, appearing to goad them ahead of her event.