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Moon Hee Jun y Kangta de H. Jaejoong Hero Jaejoong fue el tercero en integrarse a las filas del grupo. Antes de que su primer disco saliera a la venta, lanzaron dos sencillos por separado. Durante las promociones de Tri-Angle, S. Primera gira por Japon ‘The 1st Live Tour Heart, Mind and Soul’, de mayo a junio de Tercer Album Coreano ‘”O”-Jung. La gira atrajo una audiencia de Mirotic fue programado para ser lanzado el 24 de septiembre de , pero debido a una cantidad sin precedentes de pre-pedidos, el lanzamiento fue aplazado al 26 de septiembre. TVXQ fueron los primeros artistas extranjeros para cerrar el festival.

EXO’s Baekhyun Isn’t Happy About Rumors Of Him And Taeyeon Getting Back Together?

Exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn’t notice before? Something Chanyeol would do tbh. Pictures of the kiss spread and pretty soon everyone knew that he was dating you. The cameras had caught the rather intimate moment. He should have known that even at two in the morning there would be people trying to find proof that he was dating.

If you really support EXO, dating rumor is not a valid reason to leave the fandom. A reminder to exo ls, we’re just a fan.

Making you guys angry. If I’m the one who made you make that page then why you put the title as “Anti HunHan” cause I’m pretty sure you will get lots of hates and I’m an HunHan shipper. And why bring SeoHan and ChoHan out? It should be HunHan since I’m the one who caused you to be angry. SeoHan and ChoHan has nothing to do with what between you and me. So why don’t you also put “Anti HunHan” too.

That would be lovely Me bothering you guys? Why on earth would I even come to bother you guys?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Exo Planet extrasolar planet is a planet beyond our solar system 7. EXO-called M1 and M2 before their official name was revealed. Kai was born on January 14, Kai has father, mother, and sister two years older than him. Kai is good at dancing. This is also school of Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo — Boyfriend.

 · Los rumores son parte de la interacción humana, siempre hay comentarios dando vueltas acerca de lo que X persona hace o deja de hacer. Claramente los idols no son la excepción y siempre tienen rumores acerca de sus comportamientos dando ://

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Waktu santai mereka hanya dua hari, dan sekarang mereka sudah mulai berlatih keras lagi. Mungkin dalam waktu dekat EXO belum akan comeback, namun mereka memiliki banyak undangan untuk beberapa acara, jadi untuk itulah mereka berlatih. Ia menghampiri Kai yang duduk di pojokan.

The tallies are in. And EXO is more popular than BTS. Kpop superstars EXO, along with actor Lee Min-ho and actress Song Hye-kyo, have been chosen as the most popular hallyu stars of

And after your moms gone? I love you guys and your blog! What would Suho and Luhan do if they missed a really important date anniversary? I was wondering if Chanyeol or Sehun was your boyfriend, what would they do if their members walked in on the both of you having sex? So can I change it to just Kai and Chanyeol? Like a body switch?

Dating scandal!

I’ll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn’t welcomed by Korean ELF and just a reminder that this is not a post to tell the international fans to hate on him too. I just personally found it frustrating to see international fans not being able to understand the korean fans and vice versa because I see the valid reason for them to be angry I don’t plan to be a supporter of Sungmin until he apologizes to his fans.

He was completing his military service during the time; however, it was around this point of the year that Sungmin started to ask for marriage approvals to Leeteuk as well through letters. He even bought a condo for Saeun and himself on February. He clearly didn’t consider the situation of his members and he was being selfish.

Sep 02,  · I’ve heard of secret girlfriend/wife/baby but a secret twin sister rumor is a first for me – Lee Seung Gi is embroiled in a fast moving gossip that he has a secret twin sister and she’s been secreted away for likely nefarious reasons.

Yoo Seung-Ho first started in show business as a child actor and, like a lot of child actors, he started acting due to his mother. Yoo Seung-Ho’s mother then sent in a photo of her son and he was selected for the CF. Prior to his casting, staff members for the ” The Way Home ” were having a hard time finding the right actor to play the character of Sang-Woo.

One of the primary reasons Lee Jeong-Hyang selected Yoo-Seung-Ho for the role was the mean look he was able to carry in his submitted photos. Now, thinking back to those days, Yoo Seung-Ho doesn’t recall those bad moments and just remembers playing with the staff members and being surprised when the grandmother in the film really cried during filming.

Since ” The Way Home ,” Yoo Seung-Ho took on several more child acting roles in movies and dramas and became recognized as a proficient child actor.


I searched a few times about Sehun dating to see what people are probably suspecting. This thread was only him supposedly looking at her at SMTOWN and the author repeated the same moment several times because this way the thread would be longer, so, discarded. Then, more things about Suke were showing up until I saw some people actually considering him for real. He has a restaurant and is also a friend of many artists. But now they are always together…..

Jun 23,  · Relationships – Rumors: Suho has been rumored to be dating someone named Jenny Kim but this has not been confirmed. Some fans also noted that although the name is the same as Jenny from YG Entertainment, it must be a different person of the same name.

Simple How many kids: Fancy How many kids: I think wants you guys started dating he would message people about it and after a few months he would want everyone to meet How long before he would want to go public: Hugs, light kissing being close to you How long would you two be together before he would asks you to marry him: O- How he would tell the other members: Since you guys had settled down and what not it just seemed like the next step for you guys Simple or fancy wedding:

EXO D.O. And Red Velvet Irene Are Officially Dating Each Other? A Korean Media Claimed!

When I saw this of course I fucking shit my asshole and I had a meantal breakdown. Other members, how did they react? What happened after the performance? As I said, this video is too short for my liking so I went to YouTube and searched for different angles of this performance as much as I can. Downloaded them all, made them into gifs, and boom, a theory was born. Alright, this is an angle where we could see Kyungsoo smile no sHit.

Romanization Korean Translation; neon Toxic pagodeureo nae mameul eojireobge hae nan dashi ppajyeodeureo. amugeotto hal su eopsge dwae Oh Na na na neoye nuni majuchin sungan.

Mandarin for “steamed bun”, refers to Xiumin’s cheeks. Pronounced as two syllables. SM trainee originally rumored to be a member of Exo during predebut era. Relevant due to stint as a member of S. Now doing musicals, although no one is sure if he’s still with SM or not. Suju-M member and super talented violinist, pianist, dancer, you name it.

Also a soloist who likes to sing about kittens in a cage or something. Flawless soloist who loves D. O and featured Chanyeol in one of his mvs. K flawless and beyonce but meme just calls him kwill or daesung ocassionally 0 oppar, the beginning of exo before the beginning of exo Im Siwan: A member that no one knows is a member of ZE: Sort of pretty and had a thing with Chanyeol that anons took and ran off with.

Also shipped with D. O because of mutual dsl and ironically shipped with Suho.

LoveStory Xiumin EXO “SECRET” (Kissing-Scene)