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It sums up why I study queens: Even when not cast in stone, they are visible signs of women and power. They matter more now than ever when women are still, frustratingly, struggling to be taken seriously. Queens are living proof that reveals the lie that women cannot govern, cannot rule even their own bodies. This makes them such a valuable lesson to people today, people of all races and ethnicities and of all regions of the world: Once considered ancillary to the world of men, queens have taken their rightful place in the political, social, cultural, economic, and religious histories of medieval and early modern Europe. As we ponder the implications and ramifications of MeToo and whether leaning in is enough to counteract the sexism of the workplace, we can learn a lot from queens. This is clear when looking at an impressive body of new work in new directions as well as a much-needed overview and review of three decades of work on queenship. A Journal of Gender and Sexuality

Utopias, past and present: why Thomas More remains astonishingly radical

Citizenship 16th century dreams: Thomas More Thomas More – wrote the first formal utopia. He imagined a complex, self-contained world set on an island, in which communities shared a common culture and way of life.

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Tories like Swift, who regard human beings as feeble and corrupt, fear that nothing but chaos and confusion can result from the grandiose schemes of the progressivists. If men and women are encouraged to hope unrealistically, they can only end up damaged and disenchanted. Gulliver himself is finally driven mad, seduced by an impossible ideal.

In this satire of idle dreaming, alien creatures from distant lands are shown to be depressingly like ourselves. The natives of Lilliput are petty, vicious, quarrelsome and sectarian. When the hero finally encounters a race of noble-minded creatures, they turn out to be horses. To portray the future in the language of the present may well be to betray it. A truly radical change would defeat the categories we currently have to hand.

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Sir Thomas or Saint Thomas More, depending on your affiliation, Utopia , greatly influenced by Plato’s The Republic is a satire about tumultuous English politics published in Raphael Hythloday a Portuguese traveler when Portugal ruled the seas with a very unlikely name for a native of that country. He recites the story of his life, ha As the centuries roll by, more and more books are written about Utopian societies that should be established on Earth, but the few actually tried He recites the story of his life, has visited many nations in the world but none which effected him so much like his five- year stay on Utopia.

The interested listeners are Sir Thomas More and his friend Belgian Peter Giles, both historical figures, a strange tale unfolds, can the two others believe him? The island republic of Utopia is apparently somewhere in the south Atlantic but never fully disclosed its exact location, where people work only six hours a day, choose their own leaders, despise gold and silver, wear the same type of clothes and no private property, however all their needs the state provides, maybe not living lavishly , yet comfortably, Raphael views all this in the capital, Aircastle.

As more and more people fall to the same disease, Swann searches for a cause and cure, while Fayne rises to lead the new species of vampires. From the cover copy: “No matter how it ends, the.

There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness. Here’s the first post in my series on it. Those who enjoy this series may also enjoy my friend Esther’s series on the same book.

I also recently enjoyed reading Emsley’s series for the bicentennial of Pride and Prejudice, especially her post: Does Mr Collins Read Novels? This is well demonstrated in the story of Jacob and his wives and concubines, and his daughter Dinah. Diamant’s feminist reimagining of the story of Dinah has been much lauded, and I did enjoy her thoughts on feminism and authorship in her introduction to the reissued novel. However, acknowledgment of the problems of Patriarchy doesn’t have to mean that we paint all men as boors or villains, especially influential ones in Jewish and Christian spirituality, such as Jacob and Joseph.

I almost prefer a Patriarchy in which these men “command their households” after the one God, than this version of female power through persistent polytheism. Despite beautiful prose, it was quite a depressing book, and I agree with my friend 3gee on Tumblr that it adds little to my understanding of Genesis. I found this hermeneutical examination of Dinah’s story both more relevent to feminist concerns, and more respectful of the biblical record.

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Penguin Classic Introduction Though her novels are known for their relatively small scale and controlled emotion, few authors inspire such extremes of feeling as Jane Austen. Self-professed “Janeites” form societies in her honor, while detractors call her fiction insular and trivial. Because Austen’s name and a general idea of the world of her fiction are common cultural currency, it is difficult for readers to approach her novels without preconceptions but essential that they do so to appreciate her art.

Emma opens as if it will be a simple narrative about a young woman who is “handsome, clever, and rich” p. The novel is dominated by Emma Woodhouse, a young woman who possesses great social and personal advantages but no awareness of her limitations. We learn in the opening chapter that Emma has “lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her” p.

Thomas More (–) was an English lawyer, humanist, statesman, and Catholic martyr, whose paradoxical life is reflected in his contrasting titles: he was knighted by King Henry VIII in and canonized by Pope Pius XI in

Here we have absolute total proof that the North wanted the South kept in the Union far more than the North wanted to abolish slavery. Clearly, for the South also the issue was not slavery. The real issue between North and South could not be reconciled on the basis of accommodating slavery. The real issue was economic as DiLorenzo, Charles Beard and other historians have documented. The North offered to preserve slavery irrevocably, but the North did not offer to give up the high tariffs and economic policies that the South saw as inimical to its interests.

Demonizing the enemy with moral language works for the victor. And it is still ongoing.

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Turning on its head the more frequently ascribed attributes of ‘everyday reality’ vs. ‘ideal utopia’, it was ordinary life in Cuba that was deemed exceptional here, out of the ordinary, while utopia, in the form of an imaginary elsewhere, was simply equated with normality, with how things ought to be.

Captain Marvel by various authors and artists Originally published: Untitled Gambit Movie June 7, Adapted from: Homecoming Sequel July 5, Adapted from: Set to begin production in June , for a July 5, release date. The New Mutants August 2, Adapted from: Watch the first trailer. Wonder Woman 2 November 1, Adapted from:

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Peace and justice in Islam Are we missing something? Associating progressive social policies with Islam may unsettle some, yet the parallels are there and offer many possibilities. A contribution to the debate on religion and human rights by Hakan Altinay When we talk about civics — that is, co-managing our society and constructing a just and good life for all — this is not the most opportune time in history to consider its compatibility with Islam.

In Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan has dismantled key features of a democratic state.

Carol Gay, Gabriella Åhmansson, K. L. Poe, Eve Kornfeld, and Susan Jackson all note Montgomery’s habit of setting up “matriarchal utopia[s]” in place of more .

Jun1 Reflect for a moment on what for many of us has become the average day. You are awoken by your phone whose clock is set via a wireless connection to a cell phone tower, connected to a satellite, all ultimately ending in the ultimate precision machine, a clock that will not lose even a second after 15 billion years of ticking. On your mindless drive to work you make the mistake of answering a text from the office while in front of a cop who unbeknownst to you has instantly run your licence plate to find out if you are a weirdo or terrorist.

When you pull into the Burger King drive through to buy your morning coffee, you thoughtlessly end up buying yet another bacon egg and cheese with a side of hash browns in spite of your best self nagging you from inside your smart phone. You did not, of course, pay for your meal with cash but with plastic. Your money swirling somewhere out there in the ether in the form of ones and zeroes stored and exchanged on computers to magically re-coalesce and fill your stomach with potatoes and grease. Your purchases correlated and crunched to define you for all the machines and their cold souls of software that gauge your value as you go about your squishy biological and soulless existence.

Not only that, almost all of these constraints on how one views and interacts with the world have been self imposed. The medium through which much of the world and our response to is now apps and algorithms of one sort or another. The film is for silent pictures what the Wizard of OZ was for color and bridges the two worlds where almost all of the spoken parts are through the medium of machines including a giant flat screen that seemed entirely natural in a world that has been gone for eighty years.

The Philosophy of Thomas More