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I have a three-tiered closet. No problem reaching the top level once you get the hang of it. It is long enough to reach the highest rung in our closet. Shipping was fast and it was easy to assemble. It seems like you may have to keep tightening it up where the pieces screw together. I will be buying one for my daughters as well as my sister. There are no telescoping parts or other weak joints. I like that there is a choice of 2 lengths. Helpful in the garage too.

How to Hook Up iHome to Your iPad

How to display your iPad on an external monitor August 31, Transcript -Maybe you’ve noticed, only a few apps on the iPad will display to an external monitor. Youtube, videos, photos, the Keynote application, and some third party apps as well will go out to an outside monitor based on developer’s whims and Apple’s Wealth, but as Apple notes, as you can understand, there is no mirroring of the iPad primary display.

No, I can’t understand that.

Feb 19,  · I need to know if its possible to setup two Chromecast devices on the different TV’s in different rooms. I’m using Win7 on a laptop and I’m using FireHD tablet and another Android tablet.

Your video, “How-to connect your iPad or iPhone to Bluetooth speakers ” will start after this message from our sponsors. How To Video How-to connect your iPad or iPhone to Bluetooth speakers You don’t need to keep your iPad or iPhone plugged into a speaker dock to enjoy music or radio, use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly instead. It’s easier than you think. And today I’m gonna show you how to connect your iPad or iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly to play music, or any audio really.

We’ll get to that in a moment. But it’s really easy to do; the funny thing is that most of us don’t do it.

Cellular or WiFi: which iPad model should I buy?

Check your router and ensure that WiFi is actually turned on. Many modern routers have a switch or button that allows you to enable and disable the WiFi connection. Check to see if their is any red light on the router. Ensure that you are typing in the correct password and you may just find that it is the solution you are looking for. Check your distance from the router In order to successfully establish a connection and utilize it, you must be within range of the router.

The required range for a WiFi connection varies across different routers, however the standard range is between to feet based on whether you are indoors or outdoors.

To connect to your private home WiFi network, click on the network name of your private home WiFi network in the menu (usually this will be the network with the strongest signal, typically beginning with the word “HOME”), and click Connect to connect your computer to the private home WiFi network.

For now, it seems to function mostly as a personal assistant — akin to Siri or Google Now — but, assuming it takes off, the future could hold much more. What Is Amazon Echo? A Bluetooth Speaker At first glance, Echo looks like a typical Bluetooth speaker — and it serves that purpose quite well. You can play any song or playlist at just the right volume to suit the occasion perfectly. But Echo is so much more than a speaker.

When it detects the wake word — Alexa, by default — it lights up and sends your command to the cloud, where Echo quickly processes and responds to your request. You can ask about the weather, request a specific type of music or playlist, add an event to your calendar, and so on. Because its brain lives in the cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services, it continually learns and adds more functionality over time.

3 Apps to Remotely View Webcam on iPad/iPhone

Tip by E ScottD on Step 14 a few seconds ago Upvote 0 A couple of things,that I can see that would help your project would be to install a ground rod on the generator or the box leading to the generator grounding the circuit. It could preclude instances of getting shocked if touching something energized a hotplate and a device already installed in the home the stove, range hood etc.. Adding a ground rod would help. Also don’t run any high end appliances while on generator unless you keep a close eye on the fuel level.

iPad Air to HDMI. HDMI cables are great ways to link up normal laptops and computers to a HDTV. iPads work in a similar sense, but it will require a specific cable.

Share on Facebook For video calls with clients and colleagues, the iPad makes sense: It’s lightweight, fast and simple to operate on the go. In most cases, external USB webcams cannot be connected to the iPad — the functionality isn’t supported by the device’s architecture — but the tablet does offer both front-facing and rear-facing cameras that can be used as integrated webcams with a variety of apps.

A small number of wireless webcams, including the Logitech Broadcaster, can be used with the webcam via the appropriate app. Step 1 Power up your iPad and launch the video calling app of your choice. Step 2 Select the contact you wish to call from within the app and launch the video functionality. The video connection is established and the iPad automatically makes the front-facing camera available as a webcam.

Step 3 Tap the camera switch icon usually a camera contained within an arrow to switch to the back-facing camera instead. This option is not available in all video calling apps, but enables you to focus attention on what’s in front of you rather than your face. Step 4 End the call and disable the internal cameras by tapping on the hang up or end call icon typically a red handset symbol.

The video feed is then disabled and the iPad’s cameras are available to use by other applications.

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network

Don’t dump junk, we are not garbage collectors: SC to Centre In a device-driven world, the screen holds infinite power to confuse and frustrate parents, who are increasingly hearing mixed messages about its impact. Screen time is evil!

Watch video · Hook up your iPad to the bigger screen you can find and wow them with some demos, or tutorial, or presentation that most iPad owners wouldn’t do. .

But now how do you share your golden find with your roommates, significant other, or siblings? Toss that amazing artifact of internet up on the big screen! No need to panic: Connecting your iPad to a TV is easier than ever. Here are a few options, wired and wireless. First, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to display the hidden menu bar.

Then tap on AirPlay to bring up a submenu that will display all the available hosts nearby. Monica Riese But beware: Make sure you swap your TVs selected input to the appropriate setting, and then share away.

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

Here is a step by step guide for both options. The adapter you use while connecting devices purely depends on your iPhone or iPad version. Adapters for new and old devices are different but the procedure to connect is the same.

Logitech Tablet Speaker. Clip-and-go stereo sound for your iPad Your music. Your movies. Your games. This clip-on speaker lets you and your friends hear your audio—loud and clear—with full stereo sound that grabs on tight to your tablet and travels anywhere you go.

Share on Facebook You can connect an iPhone and iPad through iTunes or iCloud to sync the devices, making desired content and apps available on both. You can also connect the two devices through a personal hot spot to share an Internet connection, if the feature is available in your area. Use iCloud or iTunes to duplicate the content of one iOS device to another.

With either device plugged in and selected in iTunes, you can use the tabs on the main pane to pick and sync specific items from the merged collections. All the devices must use the same Apple ID. Then, from the iCloud submenu, activate specific apps to sync data with both devices in real time. Personal Hotspot If your cellular service provider offers personal hot spot capability and you subscribe to it, you can connect your iPhone and iPad using the Personal Hotspot feature.

How to Connect an iPhone to an iPad

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If you’ve got an iPad or iPhone and you want to connect it to a TV, you’ve come to the right place. This article has everything you need to know about hooking up an Apple device to a television.

Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area of the taskbar on your computer desktop to display the list of available networks. Wait a few seconds while your computer connects. If you have changed the network key from the original setting, enter that key instead. You can find out more about connecting to your Wireless Gateway here. Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area of the taskbar on your computer desktop to display the list of available networks, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Manage Wireless Networks in the menu on the left hand side of the window that appears. Click on the private home WiFi network and then click on the Move up button until the private home WiFi network is at the top of the list of networks you can view, modify and reorder. Close the window and you’re done! Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area of the taskbar on your computer desktop to display the list of available networks, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center at the bottom of the list.

Find xfinitywifi from the list of networks and right click on it to bring up the options menu. Select Forget this network from the options that appear.

How to display your iPad on an external monitor

For the other devices that don’t support mirroring, you can still watch movies and view photos. Movies play in p and for other media, the resolution can get as high as p. Since this is only an adapter, you will still need an HDMI cable to connect your phone or tablet to the television. Lightning Digital AV Adapter Now, for you cool guys with the newest Apple products, just like everything else, you’ll need a Lightning cable to connect your device to your TV.

Apple (and others) sell cables and adapters to hook your iPad to monitors, televisions and projectors. Support for external displays depends on the capability being built into the app (more on this later).

The connection isn’t a Telstra problem and they can’t solve it as one other person suggested, it’s an issue from a design issue where I am sure will come up in the future. I understand I can buy a 3G4G router, plug that into an external aerial which I may have to do in the short term but is really around designing a connection that a 32 pin lightning plug and the standard apple iPad cable will work connected to an external. It’s getting someone to know what pin in the 32 pin connection would marry up to the wireless connection in the iPad4, if of course that’s at all possible.

Perhaps this might be an opportunity for me too design one and sell it There is no antenna pin in the iPad’s port. Neither the older 30 pin nor the new Lightning connectors support an external antenna. To connect an external antenna to the iPad you’d have to open the device and wire directly. A risky warrantee breaking operation. That is why it would be far better to buy a device that supports an external antenna, use that to set up a local wi-fi network, and connect your iPad to that the normal way.

While wi-fi routers with external antenna ports are fairly common, I’m not sure about cellular to wi-fi routers. I don’t recall seeing any, but I have not been searching either.

iPhone/iPad won’t connect to home WiFi