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Impedance Eduction and Liner Modeling. Current Developments, algorithms and Examples. Juli , Melbourne, Australien. International Conference MRO, Mai , Berlin, Germany. ISBN Volltext nicht online. Kolloquium des SFB

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Just according to keikaku. Anon sub took advantage of. One gag sub had a references to numerous anime including a mildly obscure Martian Successor Nadesico quote as well as changing every single line into a hilarious parody of the actual script, without losing anything major from the story. Dattebayo fansubs released an episode of Bleach subtitled in Ebonics. African American Vernacular English They also released an episode of Soul Eater that was “translated” by someone who couldn’t even understand Japanese.

Rasmus Gardell, known professionally as Rasmus (a.k.a. Rasmushroom) is a Swedish electronica and breakbeat music producer. Its best known released albums are Mass Hysteria () and the album Serious Pranks (), two breakbeat records that were released on Bolshi Records.

Escort Paris I always wanted to be an Army officer. In-fact, I appeared for the test too. But, fate had something else stored for me. I became a professional escort, but still I wanted to dawn an army dress for an hour. One day my dream turned into reality as my client wanted me to play a sexy army girl. My client was in army too and wanted to satisfy his lust of enjoying a lovely army girl.

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Exactly What It Says on the Tin: This is, of course, a song. A song about, you guessed again, a song Foreign People Are Sexy: Sort of parodied in “Pussy”. This is why there’s the Gratuitous German in a predominantly English song , though still quite ironic since German is not considered to be a particularly “sexy” language.

Forced Exposure New Releases for 1/19/ Sunday, 18 January Forced Exposure News & Events – Release Dates New music is due from Disappears, Ontario Hospital, and Maximilian Hecker, while old music is due from J-Dilla, Zoviet France, Arabesque, and James Blackshaw.

An ancient Celtic sacred grove as envisioned by me. Pen and ink on paper. Digital fiddling for frame and sepia tone. Permission required for any use. All rights reserved I have always loved the idea of the sacred grove and have always wanted to try to portray it in a way that is not silly and artificial, too noble or too barbaric as was so common in the Victorian Era.

Victorian druidic societies bore little if any resemblance to actual ancient Celtic paganism. These societies fetishized the few details of Celtic religion and druidism mistletoe, golden sickle, white robes, etc Anyway this sacred space fascinates me because it is unknown and we will probably never understand the intricacies and nuances of it. I imagine a quiet grove away from people with chosen long ago for forgotten reasons.

Rotting leaves and humus scents the air.

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The Justice Getters – Prime! Paul Burdette – d1end – Doom Music Covers 1: Paul Burdette – d1inter – Doom Music Covers 3: Paul Burdette – d1readme – Doom Music Covers 3: Paul Burdette – e1m1 – Doom Music Covers 1:

Curioso observar que a música Moskau, que era relacionada a Moscou, e que foi um dos maiores hits do grupo nas décadas de e , era proibida na Rússia por ser considerada “Anti-Soviética”. Com esta mesma música, foi lançado no.

Video on New Museum channel: Mark Godfrey on Albert Oehlen Video on vimeo: Albert Oehlen One of the most respected painters today, Albert Oehlen constantly questions the methods and means of painting to raise a sense of awareness of the medium, which he aims to reinvent and to reshape, always in opposition to traditional hierarchies. Yet at the beginning the road seemed not merely a narrow alley, it looked like a dead end. Give up and turn back? Or take a hammer and drive a tunnel through the solid amorphous mass before him?

Albert Oehlen was one of the very few to take up that hammer. And when he started he struck mighty blows. It was in materials, expression, history and genre — in everything his immediate predecessors had progressively demolished with their hammers — that Oehlen stated his determination not to give in. His possibility of painting had to be built from the foundations. No gratuitous transgressions, no irony or cynicism — even if it is true that some used these terms to disparage his efforts to be free of artistic propriety.

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German vernacular love songs of the 12th- to 15th-centuries, generally in two sections, the first repeated, the second not although the formal love song is the most common type found in Minnesang at all periods, but there were also others: Botenlied address to a messenger the lady or the man reveal to a messenger emotions that, by convention, could not be expressed directly to the beloved Kreuzlied crusading song this song does not usually tell of a crusade and its hardships, but rather of the pain caused by leaving the beloved behind Wechsel conversation song this song represents an actual conversation between two lovers, but often convention is served by making the conversation take place in a dream.

A watchman cries that dawn has come; the lovers are in danger from spies sent by a jealous husband or perhaps from a less successful suitor. The stress is on the feelings of the woman rather than those of the man, and there is no attempt to idealize the situation. The form was not popular with German poets since there are few examples of it in early lyric poetry, and even after Romance traditions became established, resorting to a dreamlike setting seemed to be preferable to an explicit portrayal in the Romance vein Pastourelle pastoral song from the Occitan pastorella, the pastourelle was a poetic genre that was popular throughout France in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Set in the countryside, a man discovers and attempts to seduce a young woman, usually a shepherdess.

Daß der abgehalfterte, nein, abgewrackte Schnulzensänger (Das Foto spricht Bände) linksgrünversiffter Verortung und elende Alter sich in der Endzeit des Merkelismus selbst in’s Visier der kritischen Öffentlichkeit schiebt, mag verdutzen.

Bands Nitzer Ebb With an unusual name, Teutonic beats and aggressive sound, it is often assumed that Nitzer Ebb originated within the German techno scene, but the truth of the matter is that this trio hailed from the UK, Chelmsford in Essex to be precise. Embarking on a worldwide tour they discovered that their energetic live show was also just what dance music fans had been waiting for, their popularity on the Spanish coast alone resulting in a demand for 3 gigs a night.

This infectious sound attracted the attention of fellow Essex lads and label mates Depeche Mode who invited Nitzer Ebb to accompany them on the lengthy European leg of a highly successful world tour, exposing them to exactly the right audience for their sound and image. On this release Nitzer Ebb were slower and more orchestrated, mixing their hard, industrial beat with raw guitarsamples and more fully developed songs. Promoting the album with a global tour that took them from the southern states of the USA to appreciative audiences in Siberia, Nitzer Ebb were enjoying the fruits of their truly international appeal.

Gone was the techno rage that had become their signature, being replaced instead with a wider use of real instruments, particularly guitars and drums. Bon Harris meanwhile has relocated to Los Angeles worked as 13mg and with his latest three piece outfit Maven. Dates for Nitzer Ebb.

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I know who leaked them. They plainly have no knowledge whatsoever. This is not some wannabe who is guessing. This is the guy who designed the system.

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But the fact that he took up the camera himself in order to back up his ethnological field studies in Algeria in the early sixties with the aid of photographic testimonies is largely unknown. However, first and foremost these photos from Algeria constitute important primary ethnographic material which, according to the rules of qualitative social research with regard to identifying and securing relevant traces and testimonies of a foreign social world, has the same cognitive value, for example, as observation records or statements made by ethnographic informants.

The photographic material, then, must not be viewed and interpreted detached from the specific cognitive interest upon which the selection of motifs, the respective angle, the inclusion of context in the composition of the picture, and thus the construction of the object to be recorded itself, if we wish to avoid subscribing to an ahistorical aesthetic purism, ignoring the context-specific social significance and political dimension of these pictures.

Photographic Testimonies of a Declining World F. In view of what you have said about the way you conceived and took these photos, I wonder what might be an adequate form of reception and presentation. It seems reasonable, then, to link these two aspects directly. But at the same time, one shies away from doing so because, at first glance, this would be the most obvious, simplest procedure:

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Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya 8. All together, the album sold more than two million legal copies in Russia and approximately four million pirate copies in The ceremony takes place in the Kremlin Hall, where t. The song “Ya Soshla S Uma” is translated first. The video can’t get into rotation because of the censorship issues. Later in September the new single and video are released:

Roaring disc records 1th anniversary and 1th anniversary special release “Moskau Leipzig” from R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) at juno and elsewhere!!!

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Disco, Pop, Funky, Electronic Tracklist: Carol Douglas — Night Fever Herbie Mann — Hijack S Fire In The Sky Loleatta Holloway — Love Sensation The Salsoul Orchestra — Getaway

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Seifer entering to the Imperial March with the comment: The Wayne’s World reference and the Nelly over the prom dance. Whips and chains and kinky leather I just hope I don’t run into fucking Zell. Insano send an assassin to kill Spoony Naming Rinoa “A Whore” and her dog “Anal”. This one left them all behind. They are on a cruise liner, looking optimistic, and when they land, nothing happens. Cut to the D-Day scene of Saving Private Ryan , showing what it should look like, as well as a caption saying that “this is what should happen to them”.

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